Welcome to the NC Adult Soccer Federation

NCASF advocates, organizes, assists, and reports on its member soccer leagues. NCASF principles - competition, sportsmanship, and health - are represented by the three vertices of the triangle, a symbol chosen because of its importance in the sport. Member organizations strive to provide a fair level of competition, to promote good sportsmanship at all levels of play, and to place the health and well being of the players above all else.

NCASF organizations embody:

  • Fair play, both the letter and the spirit of the rules
  • Respect, treating all participants respectfully, regardless of race, gender, religion, age, nationality, or ability
  • Competition, believing that healthy competition is fundamentaly good, making the competitors stronger, more skilled, physically and mentally healthier

Member Benefits

Increased Visibility

Players in each member organization become aware of the other opportunities for play. For instance, players from wake county learn that there are organized adult soccer organizations in neighboring counties that adhere to the same principles of competition, sportsmanship and health. Furthermore, member organizations are linked on the web, increasing their visibility in organic searches. NCASF also serves as a central forum to promote local tournaments for adult players across the state and region.

League Management Software

Membership includes league standings online software. Discounts on fully functional league management software are also available to member organizations. This software handles online registration, player management, referee management, uniform inventory control, player profiles, and much more.

Shared Expertise

Online forums for discussion of what works, and what doesn't work for each member organization. The collected wisdom of the groups can help new organizations avoid pitfalls, and can assist in common league issues like retention of players, training of referees, administering local rules, etc.

Current Member Organizations

Orange County Adult Soccer League OCASL has grown from 8 teams in its initial season (2012) to more than 34 teams today playing in 5 divisions. OCASL describes its recreational divisions as being "competitive but not aggressive", meaning the players recognize the desire to win the game, but agree to use skill, stamina, and guile rather than aggression to achieve their goals. The league also supports multiple pickup games where players from all teams mix together during play - one happy result being that fewer problems occur on the field during competitive matches.

Durham County Adult Soccer League DCASL will kick off its initial season in 2019. DCASL grew out of the expansion efforts of Orange County. Teams from the two leagues compete against each other under the auspices of the NCASF. This enriches the game experience for players from both counties.